Blue Dot on Nook Color Box = Sideloaded Content Limited to 1GB (not a big issue)

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color ereader device started out as a interesting device and passable alterntive to Amazon’s Kindle. Then, gadget fans discovered that the Nook Color was simple to root (gain full control over the device) and turn into a full, but unauthorized, Android device. Finally, Barnes & Noble themselves updated the Nook Color’s firmware and turned it into a full Android device. At $250, the Nook Color is possibly the least expensive Android tablet from a tier-one source.

However, according to Engadget, there is a “gotcha” in new Nook Color models. You can identify this revised device by a blue dot on its box.

PSA: New Nook Color partitioning only leaves 1GB for music, other sideloaded content

These new models limit the user to 1GB of internal system storage (out of a total of 5GB) for what is called “sideloaded” content. Sideloaded content is content provided by sources other the vendor (Barnes & Noble in this case) and includes music and video. However, This is a relatively minor issue since Nook Color owners can buy and install up to 32GB of storage in the form of microSD card to store sideloaded content.