Blue Acorn and iCiDIGITAL Merge to Create Blue Acorn iCi

New firm also acquires BrandShop to create a digital customer experience company

The new company, Blue Acorn iCi, brings together a 400-person team of engineers, data scientists, digital commerce experts, designers and strategists.
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Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving marketing economy hinging on digital customer experience, Blue Acorn, a digital commerce UX design and strategy agency, has merged with data-driven marketing solutions provider, iCiDIGITAL to better meet the demands of this clear and building industry trend.

The new company, Blue Acorn iCi, will be co-led by Greg Boone and Kevin Eichelberger, and brings together a 400-person team of engineers, data scientists, digital commerce experts, designers and strategists working across offices in Charleston, S.C., Raleigh, N.C., New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Texas and Shelton, Conn. Blue Acorn iCi has also moved to acquire BrandShop, a full-service direct-to-consumer commerce company that helps leading brands build, operate and grow their digital commerce channel utilizing a comprehensive suite of commerce services. All three companies are owned by Adweek parent company Beringer Capital. Blue Acorn iCi is part of Beringer’s Digital Experience Fund.

“We have partnered together for several years and are excited to officially become one, creating a new breed of company; purpose-built to solve the unique challenges of brands seeking to win in a digital customer experience-first world,” said Boone, co-CEO of Blue Acorn iCi. “Our combination of data-driven commerce expertise with the industry’s best platform engineers in CX is rare.”

Blue Acorn iCi carries more than a decade-long track record for utilizing data and analytics to design and build industry-leading digital content and commerce experiences for brands such as Casper, Charter Communications, Gerber, Panera Bread, Ticketmaster and others.

“Our approach allows us to deliver beautiful, iconic digital experiences, across any device and content medium,” said Eichelberger, co-CEO of Blue Acorn iCi. “Everything we do is rooted in data and analytics, which means continual testing and optimization and the know-how to create personalized experiences at scale.”

Consumers now have unprecedented ability to chart their own commercial journeys and relationships with brands and their product. The newly merged company will offer expertise in the next generation customer experience, marketing and commerce and data and analytics forms increasingly required to create effective marketing for Fortune 1000 brands. That will range from building complex websites that need scale and platform integration, to transforming data into actionable insights, to helping brands operate and grow their digital commerce channel utilizing a full suite of commerce services.

“The brands that are taking market share have shifted their marketing spend. They are investing in technology and building their own data-driven commerce channels where they have the power to manage the digital customer experience,” said Brian Martin, vice chairman and managing partner of Beringer Capital. “Blue Acorn iCi is meeting the growing needs of brands that recognize this is mission critical and must further optimize every part of the digital customer experience from ‘click to delivered.’”

@jcoopernyc James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.