Fashion Retailers Turn To TV for Branding Tie-Ins

A look from Banana Republic's 'Mad Men' collection.

The NBC network and Bloomingdale’s have entered into a two-month Fall partnership that will provide branding opportunities for both organizations: Bloomie’s catalogs will feature actors from some of NBC’s new shows (The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect are a couple of them), and Bloomingdale’s will be featured during the network’s Primetime Preview Show. Bloomie’s will also have in-store promotions and store windows as part of the tie-in.

“The combination of NBC’s new fall slate of programming with Bloomingdale’s powerful brand and multiple touch points creates a very engaging consumer experience,” Tim Farish, NBC Entertainment’s SVP of marketing said in a statement.

These days, it seems clothing retailers are finding a great deal of promo value in TV partnerships that largely bypass the traditional 30-second spot.

Banana Republic teamed up with Mad Men to create a collection inspired by the TV show.

And Macy’s has partnered with Alloy Entertainment (the company behind Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries) to create a Web series called “Wendy” that will take a modern twist on the “Peter Pan” tale. According to Variety, Macy’s is launching the series to target teens and tweens — the show will feature Macy’s brands — though the company promises the product placement won’t be too over-the-top. The partnership will include other online components.

Celebrities, pop culture, and fashion, have always gone hand-in-hand. These new partnerships show how intertwined the three really are, and the new ways that fashion retailers are trying to reach customers.

The key is choosing the right kind of partnership. The three we have here sound timely (the first one), tap into programming that viewers are crazy about (the second), and attempts to play to the customers in ways they prefer (the third).

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