Girls Producers Kick Off Special Bloomberg-Vulture Podcast Series

A Tribeca Film Festival-themed run hosted by Katherine Oliver, Jada Yuan and others.

The City of Scenes is a new, four-part podcast series tied to the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Hosted by Bloomberg Associates’ Katherine Oliver and Vulture’s Jada Yuan, the program highlights the logistics of on-location New York film and TV shoots.

For Episode #1, Oliver and Yuan are joined by Girls producers Jenni Konner and Ilene Landress. Their guests chat about the challenges of Episode #42 and its Panic in Needle Park-inspired storyline featuring the characters played by Christopher Abbott and Allison Williams (Charlie and Marnie). At one point, Konner also praises Landress’ crew-building skills:

“Our [Girls] crew gets along like no crew I’ve ever seen, in my life. And they’re so kind to each other, and such family. And no one even sleeps with each other! That’s how much they’re a family.”

“And one of the reasons is that Ilene and our other producer, Regina Heyman, I think that they crew up in a very particular way… I find it to be a very female way of crewing up. Which is very specific. Which is very concerned with the best versions of everyone, but it’s the best versions of everyone and how they get along with the best versions of everyone else.”

“So, ‘Does this grip get along with this gaffer?’ These are the questions that I think women ask that men don’t ask, in my experience in working with men producers… We get the best, but we also get the best who all get along and respect each other, and there’s no tension on our set. I do think there is something inherently female in the way these two women crew up.”

Oliver will be joined by Stacey Wilson Hunt and others from Vulture on future episodes.