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Bloomberg announced Wednesday that Bloomberg Professional subscribers can now tweet directly via their Bloomberg Terminals.

Bloomberg announced Wednesday that Bloomberg Professional subscribers can now tweet directly via their Bloomberg Terminals.

Bloomberg Professional’s new SOCIAL <GO> tool allows compliance officers to grant permission to individual users to post to Twitter via chat service Instant Bloomberg while monitoring that Twitter activity to ensure that it falls within guidelines on social media use from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulatory agencies in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Tweets sent via SOCIAL <GO> will appear on Bloomberg Terminal’s Twitter newswire, and they will be tagged with relevant news codes, company news pages and biography pages.


Twitter vice president of data strategy Chris Moody said in a release announcing the new offering:

CEOs, world leaders, money managers, analysts and financial journalists all turn to Twitter for breaking news and live commentary. We’re thrilled that Bloomberg subscribers can now tweet from the Terminal, providing a compliant way for more of these market influencers to actively engage in the conversation on Twitter.

Bloomberg global head of news and economics products Ted Merz added:

Bloomberg is helping unlock value the value of Twitter for corporate and financial professionals, while meeting the necessary high standards of communications compliance.

And Merz said in a Twitter blog post:

Customers tell us they love having Twitter’s live, market-moving content at their fingertips on the Bloomberg Professional service. We’re thrilled to take the next step by enabling firms to tweet right from the Terminal in a compliant manner. This allows our subscribers to engage in key conversations with the broad and influential audience on Twitter, as well as other financial professionals using the Terminal.

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