Bloomberg Television Anchors Break In Twitter Accounts at Davos

Bloomberg Television anchors Erik Schatzker, Margaret Brennan, and Francine Lacqua broke in their respective Twitter accounts — @ErikSchatzker, @margbrennan, and @Flacqua — at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this week, mixing in news from the conference with observations about being in Davos.

Some tweets from Schatzker:

Davos 2010: This place always has a few surprises. Tonight’s: essence of pigeon consomme? I know, sounds awful. But it was delicious.

Why come to #Davos: Where else can you run into Cisco’s Chambers, AMAT’s Splinter and Teck’s Lindsay, all in less than 10 minutes.

It’s dumping in #Davos! How many #WEF delegates will ditch the sessions for the slopes? That fresh powder sure is tempting.

From Brennan:

#wef #davos #soros “the mistake of allowing lehman to go bust” made system break down and caused artificial life support to be used

Is banning the burqa going to help or hurt muslim women in france? and is the debate really about the burqa?

Just wrapped an interview w/the stunningly intelligent & beautiful Queen Rania – HM asking companies/govt to make good on aid

And from Lacqua:

Snowing very hard #wef #davos – set looks covered in sugar-ice

Almunia says there is ‘no chance’ Greece will leave euro zone

#wef #davos trying to get to Bill Gates at Congress Center