Bloomberg Scribe Flashes the Amex Card

Here’s a twist. Forget waiting for the goddamn editors and Bloomberg secrecy. Lorraine Woellert, a reporter, is sending out her OWN memo on her beat shift. Oh, and don’t forget to get a free lunch out of her sometime soon. That corporate Amex still works (wink! wink!).

And here it is:

Friends, colleagues, beloved competitors and assorted partners in crimes to which I swear I will never confess:

After two years reporting on housing policy, I’m shifting gears here at Bloomberg to cover the broader economy and economic indicators. I’ll be taking everything you’ve all taught me to the new gig, which is effective today. Email and phones remain the same.

Be warned: This isn’t goodbye! I’ll be reaching out to everyone from my perch on the U.S. Economics Team (internally known as Team Jedi).

I know what you’re thinking and, yes, my corporate Amex still works. It’s never too late to take advantage, folks.

The incomparable Clea Benson will take on the housing duties here. Be kind!

Until next time,