Bloomberg Sales Dept. Bloodbath Continues

The runaway train better known as Bloomberg Government continues on it’s destructive, uncertain path. Yet another senior sales employee is leaving Bloomberg to return to CQ Roll Call, FishbowlDC has learned. Beth Bronder, head of Federal Sales, is returning to her former employer.

Earlier this week Bloomberg fired Leon Frazier, the head of sales, along with two top sales personnel followed by the departure of Joanna Matthews, who is also returning to CQ Roll Call. Please note: Matthews was not fired from Bloomberg. She elected to return to her former employer as National Director of Sales.

Frazier has been replaced by Josh Eastright; Matthews by Rob Recklaus. Where this all will end no one yet knows. While Bloomberg PR is painting this as a restructuring, we’re hearing other Bloomberg Government employees have also been let go, including three product managers and two multimedia employees.

UPDATE: See the CQ Roll Call memo welcoming Bronder back. Despite her leaving for Bloomberg, they say she has a “profound belief” in their brands.


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Beth Bronder as SVP and Publisher, Advertising, starting June 13. Beth spent ten years as a sales rep for Governing magazine before becoming the head of advertising for CQ, where she led the company to a three-fold growth in sales in just four years, driven in large part by growth in online and events.  She went on to become Publisher of Governing magazine, developing a strategic plan that led to the successful sale of the magazine in 2009. Since 2009, she moved to content sales, leading sales at Stratfor and selling at Bloomberg Government. Beth brings an incredible track record as a sales leader, deep experience in our market, and a profound belief in our brands and our commitment to the best journalism in the market.

Until Beth’s arrival, Peter will continue to serve as head of advertising. Peter has done a tremendous job providing leadership during this transition, and I am deeply grateful for those efforts. In order to ensure our continued shift towards online and marketing services, Peter will retain the marketing resources, with Val Voci, Rebecca Gale, Megan McCoskey, Sujata Mitra, and Chris Tepler reporting through Peter. Please join me in welcoming Beth and congratulating Peter on his new responsibilities.