Bloomberg Professional To Carry Financial Times

2010 has been a banner year for the Financial Times.  The London-based business paper introduced their iPad app in May and is steadily approaching one million subscribers with a paywall model that has kept both profits and circulation numbers high.  Now FT is closing out the year by announcing that they will offer customers with a corporate license access to their newspaper through Bloomberg Professional service.

Nearly 300,000 Bloomberg subscribers will be able to connect with FT and, according to a company statement, over 900 corporate customers have already signed up through several third party providers.  Although only premium or corporate members are granted unlimited access to FT content, Bloomberg Professional users that do not have an FT license will be able to view headlines for articles that link directly to the Financial Times main page.  FT managing director B2B Caspar de Bono notes that the partnership with Bloomberg adds another platform to reach FT‘s professional reader base:

This agreement opens up another large and hugely significant channel to the FT and means that the mutual customers of the FT and the Bloomberg Professional service will have instant access to the FT’s news and analysis to help them make more informed decisions.  The FT aims to make its content available wherever our customers choose to access it, whether that’s in print, on a mobile or via the Bloomberg Professional service.

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