Bloomberg Presser: Says OWS Protesters Can Return, But Must Occupy ‘With Their Arguments’

At first, protesters resisted the police calls to leave. Photo: Craig Ruttle/Associated Press

At about 1 a.m., New York police moved in to Zuccotti Park and forced Occupy Wall Street protesters to leave so that the park could be cleaned. According to NY1, after about 3.5 hours, the park had been cleared and has since been power cleaned.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg just gave a press conference where he explained that the protesters were to be allowed to return until lawyers for the protesters* took legal steps that prevented the park’s reopening indefinitely.

Mayor Bloomberg just wrapped up of a press conference where he explained that the decision to clear the park for cleaning was ultimately his.

He says he fully believes the protesters and others should be allowed to return to exercise their first amendment rights to protest (or to just visit the park) but says they won’t be allowed to camp.

“It had become a situation where it was prohibiting a lot of people from expressing their views,” he said.

“Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments,” @NYDailyNews quotes the Mayor.

*Correction: The restraining order was sought by lawyers of the protesters. The post previously said lawyers for the owners of the part, Brookfield Properties, sought the restraining order.