Bloomberg Politics Previews New Show

Bloomberg Politics doesn’t launch until October 6, but for those who simply can’t wait, the site has delivered a promo for its first offering — With All Due Respect.

With All Due Respect is hosted by political power duo John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, who joined Bloomberg Politics in May. Here’s how Heilemann and Halperin describe the show, which premieres October 6 at 5 pm on and Bloomberg TV:

Few phrases in politics are more widely used — and even more widely abused — than ‘With All Due Respect.’ It’s not just a forced courtesy or a cliche, but a line that often conveys the exact opposite of its ostensible meaning.

Every night, we’re going to try something different. A conversation about politics free of phoniness and spin. A show that’s not partisan, not dumbed down, and not just about inside baseball. A show that actually exhibits all the respect in the world: for our guests, our viewers… and the facts.