Bloomberg Politics Debuts 2 New Podcasts

John Heilemann, Will Leitch, Tammy Haddad and Betsy Fischer Martin will host.

Podcast season is increasingly becoming the complement to politics season, with Bloomberg Politics adding two of its own to the crop of new political podcasts in the past few weeks.

First up is Culture Caucus, which debuted today with subsequent episodes coming out every other Friday. Hosted by Bloomberg Politics managing editor and WADR host John Heilemann and Bloomberg Politics contributor and occasional WADR guest Will Leitch, the podcast looks at much-beloved intersections. (That wasn’t snide; we are big fans of intersections.) The intersections in this case, as you have probably guessed from the title, are of politics and pop culture, which is great because we also love alliteration. It is an expansive definition of pop culture, and will include interviews with guests from the fields of entertainment, sports and tech as well as politics.

The second podcast, which hits the Internet Jan. 19, is hosted by two vets of the political TV scene, Haddad Media CEO Tammy Haddad and American University School of Public Affairs executive in residence Betsy Fischer Martin. Titled Masters in Politics, it comes out of their previous podcast collaboration, Trail Talk.

The masters in question are campaign trail warriors: candidates, high-level staff and journalists. GOP primary hopeful Jeb Bush and J. Ann Selzer, the scientifically prescient director of the Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll will join the hosts for the first episode. A new episode will come out every other week.

The podcasts will be produced jointly by Haddad Media and Feature Story News.

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