Bloomberg Poaches Another From WSJ

Jared Sandberg named editor

Josh Tyrangiel, the editor of Bloomberg Digital and Bloomberg Businessweek, is looking to make more than just a destination for his company's traditional terminal customers. To that end, he unveiled a new, spiffed up website earlier this week. Now he's got his his editor.

That editor is Jared Sandberg, who Tyrangiel lured away from The Wall Street Journal, the latest of several WSJ employees who's jumped to Bloomberg lately. Sandberg is a 20-year vet of the Journal, where he was part of a team that was awarded a Pulitzer in 2003 for its coverage of corporate scandals. He also founded the weekly Cubicle Culture column.

This is the second time Sandberg's left the Journal; he joined it in 1991 and returned in 2000. In the interim, he wrote about technology for Newsweek. 

The site's redesign is intended it more influential with the business community, and more appealing to brand advertisers. But it faces greater competition from other financial news outlets, like CNNMoney, which also just redesigned, and Reuters, which has been pumping up its news coverage.