Bloomberg News, Others, Take Home Multiple Loeb Awards

Bloomberg News, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal each won multiple Gerald Loeb Awards, which recognize excellence in business journalism. Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg News’ Editor-in-Chief, said of grabbing multiple wins, “As there is no greater measure of respect than to be honored by our peers, we are grateful to be recognized with seven Loeb finalists and three Loeb winners, all of them advancing the public interest.”

The awards were presented last night. Below are the winners, congrats to all.

Bloomberg News:

  • David Evans- “Profiting From Fallen Soldiers” (News Service Category)
  • Daniel Golden, John Hechingerand John Lauerman – “Education Inc.” (Beat Reporting)
  • Amanda Bennett and Charles R. Babcock – “End of Life Warning at $618,616 Makes Me Wonder Was It Worth It” (Magazines)

The New York Times:

  • Paul Krugman – Columns (Commentary)
  • Ron Lieber – “Student Debt” (Personal Finance)

The Wall Street Journal:

  • Julia Angwin, Emily Steel, Scott Thurm – “What They Know” (Online Enterprise)
  • Ben Casselman, Russell Gold, Douglas A. Blackmon, Vanessa O’Connell, Alexandra Berzon and Ana Campoy – “Deep Waters” (Large Newspapers)
  • Tom Lauricella, Peter A. McKay, Scott Patterson, Jenny Strasburg, Robin Sidel, Carolyn Cui and Mary Pilon – “Flash Crash” (Breaking News)
  • Kara Swisher – “Live-blogging Yahoo Earnings Calls in 2010 (They’re Funny!)” (Blogger)

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