Bloomberg Moves

Bloomberg Executive Editor Al Hunt made the following announcement yesterday:

    To the Washington bureau;
    July 10, 2006

    I am delighted to tell you that Joe Winski has been named Managing Editor for the Americas. He will live in Washington and spend a couple days here and the rest in New York and elsewhere.

    Mark McQuillan will replace Joe as Washington bureau chief.

    These are two of the most talented journalists that I have worked with, here or elsewhere. Joe Winski has been the glue that holds this bureau together, the resident expert on the Bloomberg way, a superb editor with terrific judgment. He will be much missed in his current role though having him here and working with us in his new role is a great bonus.

    To replace Joe, Mark was the first, second and third choice. There is no better editor at Bloomberg, he too is versed in this news organization’s history and culture and shares Joe’s talent to inspire other reporters and editors.

    These changes take affect immediately though there will be some transitions.

    Please join me in congratulating these two exceptional journalists.

    Al Hunt