Bloomberg Editorial Misses Bullseye

Under the headline “Republicans Should Stop Talking About Moocher Class,” Bloomberg‘s editorial board wrote yesterday that “some” Republican candidates and voters speak negatively about people who rely on government support.

“Some speak disparagingly of them as the ‘moocher class’ for paying no federal income taxes while getting food stamps, government health care and unemployment checks,” the editorial says.

The editorial cites no specific examples, however, of either Republicans running for office or Republican voters who have used the phrase “moocher class.” Instead, the words “speak disparagingly” link to an audio clip of libertarian radio host Neal Boortz commenting in 2010. The audio clip is the only notable result of a Google search of the phrase “moocher class.”

Boortz’s remark is not only old, but it was also not spoken by “some” Republican candidates or voters. We asked a publicist for Bloomberg if the editorial board could provide other examples of Republicans office seekers or high profile people who have used the phrase. said he’d look into it.

The publicist said he’d look into it. So far, zilch.

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