Bloomberg Hires Stephanie Flanders to Head a New Bloomberg Economics Unit

She starts in October

There’s been a lot of rearranging at Bloomberg recently, including a Bloomberg Businessweek relaunch this month and the merging of Bloomberg Government into Bloomberg BNA in April. Now, it is Bloomberg’s economics coverage that is being reshaped.

“ECO is one of the most-used functions on the terminal,” writes Bloomberg News editor in chief John Micklethwait in a note to staff, referring to the financial information software on which the Bloomberg empire was built. “But at the moment we have some elements of duplication and I am convinced that our clients can get more value from all we can offer. As the world’s best source of clever coverage of business and finance, we must lead the way on economics – on the terminal and beyond.”

The solution Micklethwait proposes is a new team comprised of staff from Business Intelligence and Bloomberg News. “We believe that we can provide a better product if our BI economists and our economics journalists in BN belong to one unified team. So in October we will bring them together into one unit called Bloomberg Economics.”

Leading the new unit will be Stephanie Flanders, who has quite the array of experience in both the journalism and business worlds. She is currently chief market strategist for the UK and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. She joined the organization in 2013 from the BBC, where she had been economics editor and maintained a blog and show, both named Stephanomics. She also had a stint as a speechwriter for Lawrence Summers, when he was U.S. treasury secretary, and was previously at the Financial Times.

She will join in October and be based out of London, but not before spending those first months on the job in New York.

The new unit will result in some reporting changes and moves. Daniel Moss, the executive editor for global economics, will, according to the memo, “soon take on a new role in the world of commentary and analysis, where he will help deepen and expand our offering.”