Bloomberg for Android App Nice But Large & Does Not All Installation on an SD Card

There’s a steady stream of new Android apps from well known sources. The latest to add their app weight to Android is the newly released free financial news and markets app from Bloomberg L.P. The app provides:

– News
– Markets information
– A personal stocks area

You’ll probably want to “Edit” (button in upper right corner) the news list to let you see topic areas such as “Technology” and “Most Read”.

Data for the various sections appeared to download and refresh quickly over a WiFi connection. I’ve seen many news type apps that do not download data quickly over the same WiFi connection. So, this is not a trivial matter.

The app does not provide the option for installation on a SD storage card. This is a problem since the app is relatively large at 1.68MB with an additional 468 of data storage being used at the moment. I’ve been forced to uninstall several apps recently because of low memory conditions. It would be nice if all developers of large apps provided the option to install the app on an SD card instead of system memory (Froyo only).