Bloomberg ‘Drops’ an Idea on Readers

Inventors have been seeking ways to create a “better mouse trap” for years, now there’s a race to build a better toilet.

Not to make light of a crappy situation, but sanitation is a major problem for a lot of people around the world. Bloomberg View’s editorial staff dropped this piece on how best to address it.

Among their suggestions is the new design from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that recycles urine into drinkable water. There’s a “2 birds, 1 stone” aspect to it that, I guess, is admirable. But can’t we do better than that?

For countries where sanitation is a problem isn’t so much sanitation in the streets, that’s more of a symptom, it’s sanitation in their governments. That’s where the real crap resides. Yes, let’s help these nations find a way to flush away their physical waste, but let’s not lose sight of the need to flush away their corrupt government waste as well.