Bloomberg to Double Frequency of ‘Pursuits’

Makes big play for fashion advertising

Bloomberg L.P. may have conquered the financial world, but in the fashion world, it’s pretty much a nobody. It’s trying to change that, though. In February, its Bloomberg Markets, the monthly business magazine sent to its wealthy, mostly male subscribers of the Bloomberg terminal, launched Bloomberg Pursuits, a luxury lifestyle spinoff.

The issue sold 30 pages including Brioni and Zegna—in the dead of January, no less. That convinced Markets publisher Michael Dukmejian that he should double the frequency of Pursuits to four issues in 2013 (something he said is a near certainty) while making a big push into fashion advertising. "We’ve always done well with luxury cars, private jets, first-class business travel," Dukmejian said. "This is just a natural outgrowth."

Convincing the fashion world of that will take some work, however. So Dukmejian brought on former Harper’s Bazaar ad director Renee Moskowitz to get Markets in the door with fashion accounts. “Three months ago, we had no relationship with the fashion category,” Dukmejian said of Moskowitz. “She’s been able to get us in to see some of the fashion accounts.” On June 19, Markets will host a luncheon for prospective clients, with Norm Pearlstine, Bloomberg’s chief content officer, in attendance. 

Advertisers want the chance to interact with readers in person, too, so this year, Markets will host two off-site events where advertisers can showcase their wares in front of readers, one a Macau gambling-themed extravaganza in lower Manhattan and the other a bespoke luxury-themed event. Watch out, GQ.