Bloomberg Continues to Mess With Staff

The guy enjoys meddling.

Ever since Michael Bloomberg returned to Bloomberg LP, things have been a mess. The latest sign of the chaos within the company was Bloomberg firing digital editor Joshua Topolsky, essentially because he built an ugly website.

A new report from The New York Times sheds some additional light on the Bloomberg situation. The takeaway is that Bloomberg enjoys messing with things and isn’t even sure if the media divison of Bloomberg is worth keeping around.

“On some days, the people said, he [Bloomberg] seems bullish about the media company,” reported the Times. “On others, he seems to see it as a threat to the terminal business, to be managed accordingly.”

The environment has become so odd that Bloomberg even told TV staffers to wave their hands more.

“He asked one presenter for more on-air arm movement. He asked another to gesticulate with a pen. And he has personally overseen the graphics shown on screen, which now resemble those seen on the terminal.”

Unfortunately for staffers, this seems to be the new normal. When you work at Bloomberg, expect plenty of Bloomberg.