Bloomberg BusinessWeek To Relaunch April 23

Bloomberg BusinessWeek is planning to relaunch on April 23rd with a publication that is, dare we say, more “bloggified,” with a shift towards producing more short, timely content and editorial.

In addition to featuring shorter stories and introducing 20 percent more editorial, the magazine will be using heavier stock and, just as More and Fortune magazines have done quite recently, will debut a tweaked logo, with “Bloomberg” featured more prominently in the magazine’s title.

The magazine is also making more than a few changes that buck trends within the recent wave of redesigns / relaunches.

While Fortune is reducing its production from 25 to 18 issues per year, BusinessWeek will add three additional issues a year (for a total of 50). The magazine is also set to introduce an arts and leisure feature that will be, in keeping with its focus, business-related. Another rumored change will be the use of more faces on the magazine’s cover, because no one can get enough of Murdoch or Buffett winking coyly from a newsstand.

Those who have seen the revamped design have called it “fresh,” with similarities to The Economist and story angles reminiscent of Fortune.

BusinessWeek, despite touting their redesign as a far departure from those of their competitors, should hope these changes prove to be the push they need to outsell these very same competitors. Bloomberg lost an estimated $50 million dollars last year, with experts chalking most of the loss up to liabilities. The magazine also saw a 20 percent drop in pages.