Businessweek Goes Back to the President Obama Future

Editor Ellen Pollock reviews the accuracy of magazine's 2012 artwork.

A quick look at the online portfolio of freelance visual artist Justin Metz reveals a tremendous range of illustration, motion and design. For clients in advertising, publishing and beyond.

At the beginning of this U.S. election week, there is one image that stands out. The photo Metz manipulated in 2012 for one of two possible Bloomberg Businessweek covers.


Thankfully, neither Mitt Romney or President Obama looks as haggard as Metz and Businessweek imagined for that Nov. 8, 2102 issue. A development editor Ellen Pollock chuckles about this morning:

It’s time to check back and see how we did. Not so great, it turns out… although we did get the hair right. The president IS a lot grayer than he was four years ago. That said, we won’t judge: No matter who you support for president, this crazy election season probably gave you a few gray hairs, too.

Pollock notes that once again this week, two different Businessweek covers are in the planning stage. But this time without any ageing layers.