Another Canadian Joins Bloomberg Businessweek

Features editor Miranda Purves started today.

In a memo to staff, Bloomberg Businessweek editor Ellen Pollock notes that quite a few Canadians have worked at the publication over the years. Continuing in that tradition is Miranda Purves (pictured).

Purves, a journalist who has amassed some impressive career credits north of the 49th parallel, starts today as features editor. Here’s the full memo:

I’m pleased to announce that Miranda Purves is joining Bloomberg Businessweek today as a features editor. Miranda was most recently the editor in chief of Flare magazine in Toronto, where she oversaw a major redesign of the 37 year-old Canadian fashion media brand.

At Flare, she introduced long-form journalism, running features investigating the impact of diamond mining in northern Canada, leather processing in Bangladesh and the litigation surrounding the Yasmin birth control pill. Previously, she was a senior editor at ELLE and Mademoiselle. So, yes, she probably knows more about fashion than you do. (And I’m hoping she’ll keep her opinions on my wardrobe to herself.)

Miranda began her journalism career at the National Post in Canada and also served as a story coordinator for The Ren and Stimpy Show in the early 90’s! Her freelance writing has appeared in ELLE, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Salon and the

For those wondering if she’s Canadian, Miranda has dual U.S. and Canadian citizenship. At some later point we will convene a symposium on why so many Canadians have worked at Businessweek over the years.

Please welcome Miranda.

Nice job by Pollock on the breezy-memo front. She injects the perfect amount of wink here. Other Canucks who have barreled down the Bloomberg Businessweek halls include Sheelah Kolhatkar, Tracy Ma, Lee Wilson, Barry Maggs, Steph Davidson and Diane Brady.

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