Bloom Daughters Remember Their Dad

Nicole, Christine and Eva Bloom, daughters to the late David Bloom who died in 2003 while on assignment in Iraq for NBC, once again presented the Bloom Award at this year’s Radio & TV Correspondent’s dinner.

Awards went to BBC World Affairs Correspondent Paul Wood and CBS News’ Clarissa Ward for reporting from Syria on the country’s civil war.

“Their reports embody all that the David Bloom Award is about,” one of the Bloom daughters said. “Not only do these reporters exemplify courage, they continue to apply pressure on policy makers and the international community to stop the bloodshed in Syria.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to win this award and I am humbled to share it with Paul Wood, whose reporting from Syria has been fiercely brave and compelling,” Ward told FBDC. “I remember vividly watching David Bloom’s coverage of the invasion of Iraq when I was an assistant on the overnight desk at FOX. To be given an award that was created in memory of a journalist whose work I respect and admire so much, is truly meaningful. These stories would not have been possible without the help of an incredibly brave network of activists who risked their lives to get their story out to the world.”

Last year one of the Bloom girls walked on stage with crutches. Fortunately there was no sign of a lasting injury this time around and all three are blooming nicely.

Watch here.