Blood, sweat, tears…and a kidney

Now, this is what we call creative financing.

North Korean refugee Jung Sung-san
will see his musical open tomorrow in Seoul. It’s a sort of “Our Town,” if the town were Pyongyang, and if the George Gibbs part were played by, say, Kim Jong Il.

How Jung paid for it, however, is hardly the stuff of dinner theater.

Per Reuters,

“Jung, who said he put one of his kidneys up for collateral to borrow money from a loan shark to stage the 700-million won ($714,000) production, believes he can make enough money to repay the debt and pay the cast and crew.”

How’d you like to see this guy make a speech at the Tony Awards?

…my agent, and I’d especially like to send a big ‘Kamsamnida!’ to Mr. Park, for letting me keep my right kidney.

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