Blogging the Restoration of Van Gogh’s ‘The Bedroom’

Speaking of blogs, here’s another. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam needed to take down and restore one of the artist’s most famous paintings, “The Bedroom,” but didn’t want it to leave the public eye. They decided to launch this blog, written by their head of conservation, an assistant curator, and the museum’s director, which will post updates showing what needed repair, how they’re fixing it, and any other thoughts they have along the way (like when they find a treasure map hidden between the paint and canvass). It’s still early so the blog itself only has three available posts aren’t incredibly detailed (a small entry about some of the damage is the only one of real interest), but they’ve also prepared some video in “The Examination” section, as well as a bit of historical info on the painting itself, all of which should hold you until things really start cooking (everyone knows how fast paced art restoration is, right?).