Blogging on an Android Phone: Blogger, Posterous, & Tumblr Apps

A friend has been looking at a number of web tools to support a serious hobby level project. He asked about Google’s Blogger. But, I recommended taking a closer look at Tumblr or Posterous instead. However, if he decides to use Blogger despite my recommendations, he will probably still have a good experience.

He uses an Android phone and Google introduced the official Blogger Android App earlier this month. And, the Google Mobile Blog just provided:

5 tips for using Blogger on your Android phone

1. Attach photos as you compose
2. Include your current location
3. Share to Blogger
4. Switch across multiple Blogger accounts
5. Keep track of published posts and saved drafts

Note that Tumblr and Posterous both provide Android apps too. So, all of these free blogging platforms are well suited for an Android user.

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