Blogging = Good For Freelancers

From the Department of Duh: Blogging, it seems, is good for a freelancer’s career.

This from AdAge’s GenNext, a blog by young ad kids about..what it’s like to be a young marketing pro. Sigh.

Do we really need another one of these “young people speak out about their industry” group blogs?

Anyway, turns out that the word “blog” looks good on a job application and is a good substitute for a crappy internship. Plus, the headline claims, a blogging marketing pro will stand out from all the non-bloggers. Except that everyone and their mothers has a blog and that alone is not going to make you stand out any more than wearing a tie in a slightly different shade of red. (Ooh, so edgy!)

Man, I’m sorry* for the snark but is this really the best Ad Age can come up with?

*not sorry