Bloggers More Influential Than Friends for Purchase Decisions

According to a new study published by BuzzLogic, “consumer purchases are more likely to be influenced by bloggers’ recommendations than what friends or other members of their social networks tout.” Does that mean game over for social shopping? Not really but it does suggest that including blogger recommendations into social shopping sites may not be such a bad idea.

Another interesting finding of the reports was that “blogs are becoming trusted guides, steering users who are seeking very specific information to places of interest online”, according to Rob Crumpler, CEO of BuzzLogic. Unfortunately the study didn’t provide much insight as to what sort of influence peers have on social networks as BuzzLogic doesn’t appear to have much data on that issue.

Honestly, aside from the article title there was little data to backup the claim that blogs are more influential. There was a ton of data suggesting that blogs have substantial influence though. Technology blogs are the most influential for purchase decisions, followed by media and entertainment, games/toys/sporting goods, travel, and automotive.

Apparently ads on blogs were also on par with sponsored search results. If you want to advertise then, feel free to contact us! Seriously though, there is very little data supporting the argument that blogs are more influential than friends for purchase decisions. The one thing that the study suggested was that avid blog readers are more influence by blogs then by friends. I’m not sure that is really all that surprising.

It would be interesting to see data on purchase decisions based on the recommendations of friends within social networks. Do you find blogs or your friends to be more influential? Have you made any purchase decisions based on the recommendations of either?