Blogger Gets Feathers Ruffled by Politico‘s Burns

Blogger and former TWT editor Robert Stacy McCain (at left), who writes at, is not happy with Politico‘s Alexander Burns (below). Burns wrote a piece yesterday with the winners and losers of CPAC. But McCain wants to know: “Who anointed Alexander Burns as the Decider?”

McCain says Burns is “a liberal columnist for a liberal newspaper” and his Harvard degree is a bad thing because “every Harvard graduate acquires the right to tell the rest of us what to think.” He points out that Burns graduated from Harvard in 2008. McCain, meanwhile, graduated from Jackson State University in Alabama. His career began at the Cobb News-Chronicle, which no longer exists. Obviously, McCain thinks somewhat recent college graduates from Ivy League schools are all morons. We think we get it.

One particularly bitter commenter, Rick Caird, said Burns must be from the “Ezra Klein school of journalists,” referencing WaPo‘s liberal blogger (and occasional professor). He went on: “That school does not bother to pay its dues or earn its position other than by dint of having graduated from some seemingly prestigious school. Klein is constantly making the mistakes fitting of a child journalist. I expect the same from his twin brother Burns.”

We’ve reached out to Burns and Klein for comment, but haven’t heard back.