Blogger Gets Desk Wrapped for Xmas

This falls somewhere in the category of “holiday cheer” and third grade giggles. Not that we mind either.

Last week, New Media Strategies employee and American Spectator blogger J.P. Freire got a surprise when he went into work and found his desk and his things all wrapped up for Christmas. Was he going somewhere? Had he gotten promoted? “Upon arriving at the office I discover @mattdeluca and others at @nmsosphere giftwrapped my entire desk. Everything,” he wrote on Twitter.

So how’d they pull it off? “JP was out on vacation at the end of last week and it was a great opportunity to use the most awkward and tacky wrapping paper available from the downstairs CVS. Thing is, he’s actually working around the gift wrap now,” boasted Matt DeLuca, J.P.’s coworker at NMS. “I did all the wrapping and JP’s fellow podmates provided moral support and gift-wrapping advice (I’m terrible at wrapping).”

J.P. apparently handled the prank gracefully. “I think he was stunned and surprised – not mad or anything,” said DeLuca. “He unwrapped his phone and computer and left everything else wrapped for now. I am now prepared for retribution.”

As well he should be. We asked J.P. for comment on the incident and he replied, “I loved it. In fact, I kept it wrapped save for the items I needed to use. (He had wrapped the phone, the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, all individually.) It’s wonderfully festive. And I don’t know if I’d call what I am going to do ‘revenge.'”