Blogger Floods Readers With Money Requests

Blogger and pundit Craig Crawford did something unusual this morning. First off, he accidentally flooded his readers with requests to donate to his Trail Mix site. Three messages later, we got the picture: He needs dough to keep his operation afloat.

“Sorry, it’s time to pass around the Trail Mix offering plate,” he wrote in a “shameless” message. “Our blog is independent of any corporate entity, news media organization, SuperPac, or ‘The Man’ of any kind. We thrive only on the generosity of users. From each according to their ability to pay (and if that is nothing that’s OK, you are still welcome). For this pledge drive, we promise not to run good shows and interrupt them at the best parts. HERE’S HOW TO HELP…

Here’s the unusual and redeeming part… After realizing that he’d sent out the request multiple times, he sent out this one: “Sorry about the multiple emails from our site earlier. Major programming glitch. Won’t happen again. But here’s how to unsubscribe if you don’t want to risk it: UNSUBSCRIBE Trail Mix Alerts″