Blogger Applies for USC Basketball Gig

The men’s basketball coaching gig at USC is open after the Trojans fired Kevin O’Neill earlier this week. And normally, such an exclusive job would only be open to a handful of qualified candidates handpicked by the athletic director.

Nope. Not this gig.

Anyone can apply for the job and SportsGrid blogger Glenn Davis did just that. Below is his cover letter to AD Pat Haden:

Dear [USC Athletic Director Pat] Haden:

I realize I’m not a traditional candidate to become the next head coach for USC basketball, but I’m confident that once you review my application, you’ll see I can provide the new leadership for your program you seek. I have extensive, highly successful head coaching experience in several recurring daydreams, and I’m looking forward to making those into reality as a Trojan.

Could anyone provide a fresher start for your program than me? I doubt it. I would provide a youthful new face for the program (I’m 25, just a few years removed from college myself, allowing me to relate to your players in a way other candidates simply couldn’t). I, along with my staff, would use that youthful energy to our advantage, relentlessly recruiting top talent along the West Coast… within the rules, of course. My strict adherence to NCAA guidelines alone will help me leave the program in a much better position than certain of my predecessors.

As for style of play: I promise aggressive, attacking basketball at both ends of the floor. That’s how the teams I’ve coached in my head have played, and that’s how this one will play, too. No four corners offense for ME, thanks. No, this is a system that will attract the best and allow them to play like the best. And if it sounds like a style that’ll fill the seats at the Galen Center… well, you’re right again.

Again, I understand if I didn’t top your initial list of candidates when you relieved Coach O’Neill of his duties, but I will make hard work and the constant striving for excellence hallmarks of USC basketball if I’m fortunate enough to named head coach. I look forward to speaking with you further about this position, and further proving that my program would make USC proud on the court and off.

Thanks and Fight On,

Glenn Davis

Good luck with that, Glenn. While your resume might be lacking, you get an A for enthusiasm.