BlogFire for iPhone: Extremely Nicely Designed RSS News Feed Reader

There’s a new free iPhone RSS feed reader in town and I like it.

Announcing BlogFire

BlogFire 1.0.21 (iTunes App Store)

There’s a lot to like about this app in addition to the fact that it is free. The first thing is its use of Apple’s home screen design to lay out subscribed blogs. The number of unread feed items for each source shows up in a red circle in the feed’s icon. Tapping and holding an icon puts the app in a management mode that lets you rearrange the icons or deleting a feed. BlogFire pre-loads the home screen with an assortment of blog feeds. But, you can pick and choose from a much longer list they provide or simply add sites on your own.

Adding a feed is simple. All you have to do is type in the web site’s address and BlogFire finds its RSS feed and adds it to your screen. Feed reading seems very fast so far. And, you can manually force one or all of the feeds to be refreshed on demand.

One of the smartest design features is the way BlogFire handles notifications. Notifications can be useful. But, they can also be very annoying. BlogFire gives you a variety of ways to adjust notifications to fit your needs. For example, it lets you define quiet hours when notifications will not be pushed out. It also has settings that lets you pause or mute notifications. It also has a setting to let you set a minimum time between notifications to prevent pushes flooding to your screen. I wish all apps with push notifications provided this kind of control to its users.

Feed items display as much as the feed source provides. If an abstract or partial content feed is provided, there is a link to continue on to the original source. A link to the original feed source page is provided at the top of the feed view for all items.

BlogFire is advertisement supported. There is a small banner at the bottom of each page.