Blog Help Us–WGA Strike Could Lead to Blogger’s Union

Chris Mooney at the Columbia Journalism Review sees the WGA Strike as a premonition for bloggers.

Yes, dear reader: the Bloggers Guild of America may be on its way. The dispute between screen and television writers and media conglomerates has its roots, after all, in the Web.


Which is not to say that the answers–or even the questions–will be easy. How, for example, do you define and otherwise distinguish “bloggers” themselves? Bloggers are an (in)famously diverse bunch: grouping them isn’t just grouping apples and oranges, but apples and oranges and bananas and the occasional kumquat.

That was thrown in just because we love the use of the word kumquat.

In short, it’s a Wild West out there for bloggers–even though, without them, the Internet’s frontier would not have expanded so broadly or so rapidly. And even though, without them, the Web-derived profits many of these blog sites are starting to rake in simply wouldn’t exist.

True. But the 100 monkeys at a 100 typewriters has nothing on a million monkeys on laptops.