Blog Family Coverage Of Michael Jackson

The news is still saturated with wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson’s death, so we thought we would check in with how some of our blog colleagues are looking at this tragedy and how it affects the industries they cover. We discovered some unique points of view:

FishbowlLA, the blog most immersed in the celeb scene, reports that Jackson’s death has already made trouble for Sascha Baron Cohen and button-pushing blogger Perez Hilton. They also have a survey asking the burning question: Which Michael Jackson gadfly are you most looking forward to being interviewed in the next month? Our vote’s for Elizabeth Taylor (who was to comment yesterday).

Publishing blog GalleyCat highlights three books written by the King of Pop during his life. (And we were on the Morning Media Menu podcast this morning with Galleycat editor Jason Boog talking about it!)

Advertising blog AgencySpy takes a look at iconic ads starring Jackson over the years.

TVNewser has a great clip of Anderson Cooper talking about hanging with MJ at Studio 54 when he was 10.

And design blog UnBeige <a href=""celebrates Jackson’s design esthetic.