How Many People Have You Blocked On Twitter? And Who Were They? Find Out With Blocked By Me

Twitter’s block facility is one of the network’s biggest failings, for two important reasons. One, it isn’t a block at all. And two, when you block somebody the platform doesn’t provide any easy way for you to review (and perhaps restore) the people you’ve blocked in the past.
You can unblock people by visiting their profiles, but that means you’d have to remember or keep a list of lots and lots of users. And who does that? And how many people are we talking about, anyway?
Enter Blocked By Me. Blocked By Me does one thing, and it does it well – simply sign in with Twitter (you don’t have to enter your password, and it doesn’t store your details or – refreshingly – send out an annoying tweet to your followers), click on the ‘show my blocked users’ button and you’re instantly presented with a list of everybody you’ve ever blocked, displayed reverse-chronologically, plus that all-important total.
My number was 174. To be honest, I didn’t remember blocking probably 90% of the people in the list. Reading it through, most of them are moronic wrestling fans, which has always been an issue because of my username. Lots of spammers too. The rest are a mix of bots, mass marketers, jerks and good, old-fashioned weirdos.
What is curious is I remember most of the people I blocked back in the early days when I first joined the network, likely because spam was less of an issue then and blocking somebody seemed like a bigger deal. Times change. I don’t block lightly, but I also don’t hesitate if somebody is a nuisance, overly-aggressive or just plain bonkers.
Still, 174 isn’t very much for three years on Twitter, which averages out to just about one per week. I have to say I thought my number would be bigger. Give it time and I’m sure it will.
PS. Hit the comments to let me know your total. If anyone has more than a 1000, please speak up, although I’m probably gonna insist on some proof. I’d also be interested to hear from those who have zero blocks, especially if that stat comes with a decent network size.