How To Block Facebook Pillow Fight Wall Posts

Last week we covered the ongoing wall spam problem on Facebook with the Pillow Fight application being one of the primary sources of the spam. We weren’t aware that there’s a way to block the spam, however the developer of the Pillow Fight application commented on our story and provided directions for turning off pillow fight wall posts. We explain how to block the wall posts from Pillow Fight below.

Prior to our explanation, I thought it would be important to emphasize that this is not a resolution for blocking all wall spam. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t have a way to turn off application wall posts from friends so this only works with the Pillow Fight application. The fact that this bare bones page exists within the Pillow Fight application highlights a significant flaw in the Facebook Platform. My guess is that this will be resolved within the coming weeks.

So how do you stop your friends from posting annoying Pillow Fight wall posts on your profile? It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is visit the Pillow Fight opt-out page. Then click on “Do not let my friends post to my wall” (as pictured below). That’s it! You’ve now successfully opted out from having your friends post on your wall.

The only problem with this solution? There’s no guarantee that it will work as it’s at the developer’s discretion. Given that the Pillow Fight developer told us how to block their own application we can only assume that they are being honest. As I mentioned already, there’s a very good chance Facebook will stop the application wall spam in the near future as it’s degrading the overall experience for users.

Also since publishing details of wall spam we’ve only seen an increase in the volume of it. Are you annoyed by the Facebook wall spam?