Blitzer & King Discuss CNN Changes

From yesterday’s “The Situation Room”:

    WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Let’s talk about the exciting news that we made, you and me, here on CNN earlier today. We announced there’s going to be a change coming forward. I want you to tell our viewers what you’re about to do starting later in January on Sunday mornings.

    JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I am going to allow you to stay out later on Saturday night with Lynn Blitzer, who deserves her husband home on the weekends a bit more, and I will pick up the Sunday portfolio. You have carried that for 11 years now.

    And there are — I remember, I was the junior White House correspondent some time ago. I ended up becoming the senior White House correspondent. I got gray hair. Maybe I’m going to have to grow a beard now as I move into Sunday mornings.

    BLITZER: It’s going to be an exciting opportunity because it’s not just going to be the two hours of “LATE EDITION,” which we do every Sunday from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m.

    But you’ve got a more ambitious plan out there. Explain that to our viewers.

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    KING: We’re going to stretch out Sunday morning a little bit more to try to take advantage of the excitement we learned was in the country during the campaign when CNN broke records in viewership. There’s a new administration coming to town. We view it as a great opportunity to use our reporters, to use our political team, to do the newsmaker interviews and analysis here in Washington. But also, at this exciting time of a new administration, to hold it accountable, to go out in the country and see if the promises are being kept, to look at Barack Obama and the new Congress, Democrats and Republicans, through the eyes of the people who were involved in this election.

    So we believe we built credibility with our audience during this election season, and now we’re going to try to have a conversation with them on Sunday mornings, with some here in Washington and some getting out in the country —

    BLITZER: And it will start at 9:00 a.m. Eastern, go to 1:00 p.m.


    Is there a name yet for this four-hour block?

    KING: We’re working on the name. Maybe we should have a contest.

    BLITZER: Maybe, that’s not a bad idea. Let’s get a contest going.

    Howie Kurtz and “RELIABLE SOURCES” will still be part —

    KING: Absolutely.

    BLITZER: — of the new lineup, right?

    KING: Absolutely. Because as you get a new administration, again, looking at our own performance, the media’s performance, and the stories in the news industry, including the sad stories — the newspaper industry has had such a hard time — that is a critical part of the conversation as well. And that will continue.

    BLITZER: And I’ll continue doing a mere 15 hours of live television a week.

    KING: A mere 15 hours of live television.

    BLITZER: So —

    KING: I suspect we’ll bring you in on the weekends.

    BLITZER: Well, it’s going to have to be a big story.

    Thanks, John. Thanks very much for that. And good luck with this new gig.

    John King is going to be going to work Sunday mornings starting later in January.

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