Bliss PR Namesake Retires After 35 Years


John Bliss is retiring today after leading the firm that bears his name for just shy of 35 years. Bliss followed his father in to the industry after completing a Masters in Journalism.

According to a Tweet from his daughter Elizabeth Sosnow, a managing director at Bliss, the party is at the end of the day.

Bliss PR sits 50th on the O’Dwyer’s independent agency rankings with $4.2 million in billings and 28 employees. Clients include financial and professional services brands like MetLife, KeyCorp, and Victory Capital Management. The firm is owned by Pennsylvania Dudnyk Exchange, a group of marketing communications companies.

UPDATE: John Bliss got back to us on the details of his retirement:

“Actually, it’s only going to be a semi-retirement, since I’ll be working 2-3 days a week for Bliss and our parent company, the Dudnyk Exchange, on whose board I sit.

After 35 years, I think I’m proudest of the fact that we have had some wonderful people work here — most right out of college — and it’s been very satisfying to see them go on to lead happy, productive lives and to give us some credit for helping them on the way. I leave the firm leadership in extraordinarily capable hands, three people who have been with the firm since 1991 and who have functioned as a management committee since 1996.”

[Disclosure: This PRNewser worked for Bliss (then Bliss Gouverneur) several years ago.]