BlipSnips: Making Online Video More Social With Tags & Captions

BlipSnips just launched a brand new application suite for iPhone, which lets users capture video, mark favorite moments, tag friends, and post to Facebook. The future of online video has never been so social.

Back in December we told you about a fun new social video-sharing app on Facebook called BlipSnips that was improving the online video experience by providing a tool that let users capture, caption and tag specific moments in online videos. Last week BlipSnips took their social app to the next level, launching a brand new application suite for iPhone, which lets users capture video, mark and caption their favorite moments, tag friends, and post to Facebook. The future of online video has never been so social.

The new BlipSnips for Facebook app makes online video so much more social than it has ever been before. Sure, in the past you could post a YouTube video to a friend’s Facebook wall, or tag a friend in a video that you uploaded to Facebook. But now you can tag your friends at specific time codes, add captions, share with your friends and allow your friends to caption, tag and share the same videos.

Check out the screenshot below of a cute cat video that I “BlipSnipped” on Facebook. As you can see, I was able to mark a caption at a specific time code in the video (My caption was “So cute!” because it’s true! What an adorable little creature, right?!) and I was also able to tag myself in the video.

Of course, you can also tag friends at specific points in videos where they appear. For instance, has anyone ever sent you a long video that you know you are in at some point but don’t really want to sit through the whole thing to see where you appear? With BlipSnips, your friend could tag you exactly where you appear so that you don’t have to sit and look for yourself. There are all sorts of great uses for this app, and all sorts of new social sharing that can be done with it.

In addition to the launch of the new app suite, BlipSnips also announced that Chris Kelly, the former chief privacy officer at Facebook and a lead investor in BlipSnips has joined the company as a senior advisor to the Board of Directors. According to a press release on Business Wire, Kelly says, “The idea of social photography has existed for many years, but as video grows into such a dominant medium on the web, BlipSnips has brought much of that same social functionality to video for the first time. Now we can create, annotate and share video with many friends in just a few clicks and that represents a seismic shift in how video becomes social and how consumers can use video.”

The CEO of BlipSnips, John Bliss, who created the application out of frustration at trying to find specific people or events in long videos, says, “Internet users spend more time on social networks and with online video than any other activity on the web, and yet it remains a passive, unsatisfying experience. BlipSnips is the first app to make video truly social, by sharing moments in video and tagging friends in those moments and doing it where people want to be social – from mobile devices and on Facebook.”

Personally, I think that BlipSnips is one of the most promising new apps in the world of online video. The ability to go inside of videos to tag people and make captions and comments at specific moments, to share videos with a focus on specific sections takes video sharing to a whole new level. I can’t wait to see how BlipSnips takes off and evolves.

I would love to see these types of features grow to be available all over the web, within Facebook’s video upload and sharing platform itself, on YouTube, Vimeo and other social video sharing sites and more. But for now, I’m excited that BlipSnips has emerged to give users this sort of functionality when it comes to video sharing and I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about them. Have you used BlipSnips yet? What do you think about the app?