Blio Says It’s Coming Soon, Have Patience

Blio, the eBook platform dreamed up by Ray Kurzweil, sent an email this evening to folks who had submitted their addresses for notification, saying that, “We can assure you that you will be among the first to enjoy its rich user experience, and that time is fast approaching. As soon as Blio is finalized for free download we will notify you by email.”

So no Blio quite yet, but presumably it’s coming soon. The email makes some big claims on behalf of Blio, including that, “we believe we have the key to transform the book industry.”

Blio also describes itself as “the first eReader to preserve the image-rich format of books and magazines, including their layout, typesetting, images, color and graphics, while also supporting full media functionality, including video, graphics, and web links.”

We’ll see…

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