Blio Lands

Another big CES buzzword is Blio, the eBook platform that is the brainchild of futurist Ray Kurtzweil. The first big bit of news: Blio’s Website is up and running:

Blio is a multi-faceted platform, presenting books as they appear(ed) in print, preserving the design and layout of the publisher. Blio says its online bookstore, which will be serviced by Baker & Taylor and will launch in February, will feature over a million free books as well as unfree titles from all the major publishers.

Other big features include a text-to-speech capability, an online library that stores each customer’s books, making them available on any Internet enabled device, including smartphones. The books can also be downloaded for offline reading.

Downsides so far include an apparent lack of Mac support: the system requirements on the Website list only Windows. Also, blogger Mike Cane points out that the Website shows no support for writers to create their own eBooks, meaning this is unlikely to become a self-publishing platform, a factor which many think is essential to the future of publishing.