Blind Item: Journo Pops a Pimple

This is a wrenching item for me to write on a lot of levels. For one, why? But on the other hand, WHY? Why did this happen and what could the person have possibly been thinking?

A Washington journalist was spotted at an open-bar event this week popping a zit. In public. The individual was — astonishingly — conversing with another human being when this occurred. The journo apparently thought no one noticed, or worse, didn’t care and was seen dabbing blood off the facial area after with a napkin. Without so much as a restroom visit after for some good old-fashioned hand washing, the scribe proceeded to the bar area for another drink.

Please journos, the bathroom is the place for such fun activities — not out in the open for people to see and then write me about on a Thursday afternoon. Or for God sakes, why not spring for a facial?

P.S. This brings back traumatic memories of the gaseous woman who wandered into the NJ trivia event at the Newseum in late April. The woman, not a reporter, had the entire back part of the event room at the Newseum roaring with laughter after she loudly passed gas and then fled to the balcony.