Micropayments App Blendle Begins U.S. Rollout

Initial beta phase will encompass 10,000 users and 20 English-language media partners.

Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman was a prolific novelist, essayist and journalist. Last fall, on his 52nd birthday, he committed suicide. The final interview given by Zwagerman before his death, to Dutch literary magazine HP/De Tijd, ranks as the number one piece of content paid for by users of European App Blendle.

Today, the Netherlands-based pay-per-article platform, created by Dutch journalists Alexander Klöpping and Marten Blankesteijn, is beta-launching in the United States with 20 English-language media partners. The price for a single article will range from nine to 39 cents for newspaper content and nine to 49 cents for magazine offerings.

Blendle is looking for an initial test group of 10,000 U.S. users to sign up via blendle.com. Along with Axel Springer, the New York Times Co. is an early investor in Blendle. So naturally, their paper is in the mix of U.S. beta partners. Here’s the full list:

Advertising Age
The Atavist
Bloomberg Businessweek
The Economist
Fast Company
Financial Times Weekend
Foreign Affairs
Game Informer
The Huffington Post’s Highline
Mother Jones
New York magazine
New York Review of Books
New York Times
Time magazine
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
World Politics Review

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are all part of the international edition of Blendle. “It’s been great partnering with Blendle to share the Post’s journalism overseas,” Beth Diaz, vice president of audience development and analytics for the paper, says in today’s announcement. “We’re excited to continue the experiment in the U.S.”

The success of Blendle in Europe certainly bodes well. In Germany and the Netherlands, the App has quickly built up a user base of more than 650,000.