Plans To Hire 20 New Writers

If you love sports, listen up: the mostly-UGC site announced plans to hire 20 new sportswriters over the next six months to cover NFL, MLB, MMA, NBA, NHL and college basketball and soccer.

Since hiring its first five paid writers five months ago, traffic to has increased 50 percent, the company said in a press release. Its current five writers include Dan Levy, Matt Miller, Dan Rubenstein, Josh Zerkle, and Bethlehem Shoals. In addition, the site has more than 8,000 unpaid contributors.

Digiday’s take on the announcement is pretty interesting: senior editor Mike Shields says it probably isn’t about the traffic. “Bleacher Report is having little trouble attracting an audience, so it’s a good bet that part of the motivation for the move is to entice advertisers,” he says.