Bleacher Report Creates In-House Marketing Agency Playmaker

Chicago Cubs, General Mills and EA have already signed on

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes football Playmaker
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes smashes a drone with a football in a video created by Playmaker. Bleacher Report

Sports news site Bleacher Report is creating an in-house sports marketing agency, powered by technology executives hope will help inform marketers about what digital video content performs best using dynamic analysis and insights.

The agency, called Playmaker, already has clients including the Chicago Cubs, General Mills and EA. Executives say they plan on releasing at least 250 videos this year.

“Brands are increasingly under pressure. Everyone is under this new order of content creation, and while that’s awesome—I love how creative the industry has become—people still don’t know—specifically on digital and social—how to make content that resonates,” said Ed Romaine, chief marketing officer at Bleacher Report.

With an emphasis on reaching Gen Z and millennials, Romaine said the agency will prioritize personalizing its branded content videos to better reach that audience. To do that, Bleacher Report is working with a tech company called QuickFrame to analyze the best-performing videos to determine which factors are contributing to their success.

For example, in a branded post featuring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes smashing a drone with a football, QuickFrame tagged the video using keywords and phrases that included “people laughing,” by featured talent (in this case, Mahomes) and “scene objects” like drone and “field turf.”

QuickFrame will then monitor how that video performs on social media, then pair those keywords and phrases with engagement figures like how many views and comments the video got.

“It looks at all of those attributes and measures it back across engagement to provide a deeper understanding of how and what is driving efficiency,” Romaine said.

The idea is not only to garner those insights for a particular video, but to build out a larger content library that will help inform which of those factors might be best received by the Bleacher Report audience. Those insights could show, for example, that videos featuring “people laughing” gain the most social media comments, and a brand and Playmaker could take that into consideration when creating their next branded video.

Financial terms of the relationship were not disclosed.

“This is a strategic partnership that’s designed to be the first in a lot of categories,” said Lucas Loeffler, CEO and founder of QuickFrame.

@SaraJerde Sara Jerde is publishing editor at Adweek, where she covers traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversees political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.