Your Website Popularity

Approximately month ago I discovered new web project with the interesting concept and the name of this website is It is new way how to promote your website or blog without spending a cent. Many writes have compared with Million Dollar Homepage and, yes, there is some similarity but actually idea of this project is more flexible and better from the side of users and promotion. - the free card directory in general is directory of sites, but with one small difference – it is directory of website cards that are representing current site. Every user can upload a card of the website and put it in several categories. The place, where card is displayed, depends of the amount of money, that you are spending, to promote this site. Of course you can also add your card for free, but your card will be somewhere in the end of the list. The good news is that now the amount of money that you need to spend is very, very small – for example you need only invest couple of dollars per day to be in the firs page of selected categorie, and, believe me – it is worth to do it.

What about visitors?

Speaking about people who are visiting to search for something, I think that cards is giving much more information than simple text links with few words. is also managed to make directory simple to use and browse categories. Also from the side of card publishers they have done everything to add possibilities for them to promote websites and receive good return. Everything is made to be easy for publishers and visitors – i like it!