One Tweet = 60 Cigarettes. Or Does It? [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Twitter is killing us. It’s destroying our environment and making us fat. For proof look no further than our Twitter infographic.”

This infographic from is the perfect example of why you need to question all the stats you read. Twitter may be a lot of things, but does one tweet = 60 cigarettes? Or does it consumer 3 barrels of oil? You be the judge.

If you look at the below infographic at a glance, you might be completely floored. You’ll turn to your coworker and say “Did you know that for every one tweet we spend $1.90 on obesity related diseases?”

And she’ll probably just laugh.

That’s because, while the stats in this infographic are technically “correct” they’re not really “true”.

The “#BlameTwitter” infographic was born from a competition sponsored by Cool Infographics asking participants to create an infographic using only the data they provided. And the folks at used quite the creative licence when they came up with their idea to “Blame Twitter” for stats about undernourished populations, obesity in North America, and environmental issues.

They basically created a mashup of two separate stats: the facts and figures about the state of the world provided by Cool Infographics, and the number of tweets sent daily. And, even though those two things have nearly nothing to do with one another, when you hold one up against the other, the results are pretty shocking – and totally not true.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should let your coworkers know that by tweeting they are destroying hectares of forest and smoking dozens of cigarettes, the answer is “no”. But still, it’s pretty funny to see how two completely unrelated sets of stats can get tangled up in one another – and it acts as a great lesson on critical thinking whenever the next pretty infographic pops up in your Twitter timeline.

Take a look at why we should blame Twitter for all the world’s problems below (click to enlarge):

(Infographic courtesy of, top image: via Shutterstock)